Monday, October 05, 2009

Please to Join Us

Some of you folks reading this may be familiar with National Pit Bull Awareness Day. This is the day designated by Bless the Bullys as one pit bull owners should use to remind the world that all pit bull owners are not alike--sure, there are some really bad apples, but there are also many, many, many of us who are responsible and smart owners/advocates. We take the responsibility of dog ownership seriously and keep our dogs in control at all times. We are not the "criminal element," as some lawmakers have tried to portray us, nor are we ignorant, negligent, or sociopathic, as some media outlets would have you believe.

Rather, we're teachers, entrepreneurs, accountants, editors, dog walkers, students, waitresses, and dog trainers. We live in your communities, and you may barely even notice that our dogs exist because we don't let them roam at large, we don't let them sit in backyards barking, and we socialize and train them properly so they aren't scaring you when we walk them down the street.

Anyway, Pit Bull Awareness Day 2009 takes place Oct. 24. B-More Dog has decided to expand it a bit, by making that whole week sort of a Pit Bull Awareness Day week, which we're marking with a few events.

First, we have a happy hour/silent auction taking place Oct. 19 at Bad Decisions bar in Fells Point. We'll have a bunch of cool stuff you can bid on, drink specials, and lots of friendly pit bull lovers and owners from around the Baltimore area to schmooze with. For details, please check out our Facebook event page here.

On Oct. 24, B-More Dog members will be heading out into the greater Baltimore area to spread the good word about us and our dogs. If you're looking for a way to celebrate the day yourself, check our post from 2008 listing 10 ways you can do your part on Pit Bull Awareness Day.

On Oct. 25, B-More Dog will also be offering a special Pit Bull Awareness Day Edition of our B-More in Control workshop. From noon to 1 p.m. we'll be offering our PowerPoint presentation B-More in Control, followed by lots of cool pit bull-centric demonstrations and discussions. We'll have agility dogs, weight pull dogs, a Rally-O course demonstration, and a narcotics dog presenstion with Star the Staffybull from Mutt Magic Training. Lauren Bond from B-More Charming School for Dogs will also do a training presentation for us. And Baltimore Humane Society is providing us the space to hold the events.

Join us, if you can. Maybe you and your dog will find a new hobby. Details outlined in the flier below.

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