Sunday, October 18, 2009

News from Missouri

Just saw this slideshow from Riverfront Times posted up at the Pit Bull Forum, thought I'd pass it along.

This story, too, from St. Louis Dispatch.

I don't think I've mentioned it here before (because I was under gag order) but it seems like everyone who's been part of this thing has been blogging, Facebooking, and posting about it, so . . .

I actually went to St. Louis for a weekend in August to help care for these fight-bust dogs. I wanted to see with my own eyes what the aftermath of one of these busts looked like. Nothing glorious or pleasant about it--lots of shit scraping when there are 500 dogs housed in one place. But there were a lot of really nice dogs taken in out there. A few that made me profoundly sad, since I knew this would be, quite literally, a dead end for them. One in particular touched me, and I just learned on Friday that she was euthanized. I'm sure she didn't pass her temperament test, and frankly, it's a testament to the temperaments of any of the dogs that make it out of there and into homes or rescue that they managed to keep it together for so long in that environment--bunch of gamedogs, taken from the only lives they'd ever known on chains in a yard, in confinement for months. Good luck to those--Kiva and Fanny and Jakob and Faye and Camilla and all the others that I've been reading about as they move on to new lives and learn about the world.

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