Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Wonder What's Happening at the HSUS Vegas Shindig

This week the HSUS's annual Animal Care Expo is going on in Las Vegas. This is the event where the organization promised to bring together a group of "major stakeholders" who "deal with pit bulls" to discuss what to do with dogs confiscated from dog-fighting busts.

I'm guessing that's the part of the program called "Animal Fighting: Progress, Trends, and Where We Go from Here."

No one has ever come out with a list of who these "major stakeholders" who "deal with" pit bulls are, but I know that Bad Rap is going, according to the blog post Donna put up yesterday. And Best Friends has planned to be there all along. In February it announced a "policy summit" that would take place on Las Vegas at the expo.

But that's about all I can find on the topic while searching the web . . . I really do wish I knew more about what, exactly, the HSUS is planning to discuss, who it's discussing it with, and what the agenda looks like.

What I wouldn't do to be a fly on the wall at that meeting. A gadfly, maybe.

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  1. I just know all our invitations got lost in the mail!