Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Little Guy's Story

I can't believe it's taken me so long to post the little dude's backstory--it's tough to find time to update a blog when there's a puppy dashing madly about the house! Anyway, I was at schutzhund training all day on Saturday. I got home, played with Tucker, talked to Rob, opened a beer, then went downstairs to surf the web. I logged onto Pit Bull Forum, as is my habit since I'm a moderator there. I happened to see a post from a girl in Baltimore who lives very close to me. She was out on Friday night and someone offered to give her a pit bull puppy. She went to their house with them and when they brought the puppies out, she said they were three walking skeletons. She talked the people into giving them all to her, got them home, and realized she needed to get them to a vet quickly. She brought them to a local vet ER, who told her they were seriously malnourished and wormy but didn't seem to have any other serious issues. So she posted about it on the forum and said she desperately needed someone to take them off her hands to foster. Two people stepped up, but she still needed a place for the third puppy--who was apparently the smallest and most sickly of the pups. Because I am a complete sucker, I called her. And by the next evening, she brought the puppy to my house. He was in horrible, horrible shape. Hip bones, spine, ribs, and shoulder blades all protruding. He's all scarred up and scabby. Huge wormy belly. No energy to do much of anything. I have seen and handled a lot of really neglected dogs, but he really was pathetic. Fortunately, puppies have an amazing capacity for recovery. And over the past few days, the little guy who we've been calling Pops (because he looks like a little old grandpa) and Button (because he reminds us of the old-man baby from the Benjamin Button movie), has come back to life. He's already gained weight. His scabs are healing over. His belly is starting to shrink to normal size. And he's playing and running around and acting like a normal puppy. We couldn't be happier about his progress. "Daddy Tucker" and "Uncle Doc" have been helping to teach him the ropes. He's learning to sit and to crate when we want him to, and hopefully in a week or two he'll be healthy enough to properly socialize him to new places out in the world. He's definitely eager to get out there and check it out.
videoEventually, we hope to place him in a permanent home. More news on the new kid as we get to know him better.


  1. Pops! Awesome name! Glad the big kids are accepting of him...good luck, Pops - I'm rooting for yah!

  2. OH my achingheart. Pops looks just a little like JHenry...the Ed Faron pitty puppy that I nursed back to health only to have HSUS demand I bring him back to be killed.

  3. Oh no, that breaks my heart. They do look very similar. I'm so sorry you had to bring him back to be put down--what a shame.